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Moringa seeds and water purification

Which one would you drink??

The amazing ability of moringa seeds to clean water.

One of the largest problems in the Northern Peten region is Clean drinking water, Moringa seeds provide a reliable free source of clean drinking water.

Once in powder form, Moringa Oleifera seeds become a natural flocculent which can clean contaminated waters, eliminating between 90 to 99% of bacteria and virus. In fact, it has been proven that this combination of seed constitutes a premium coagulant for the treatment of river water which contains high levels of suspended solid matter.               

                                                                                 The mixture of crushed seeds is mixed  with polluted water and and allowed to sit, producing clean drinking water in hours




Moringa trees grow so fast that they can produce seeds in as little as 6-8 months, providing a reliable never ending supply of clean drinking water


Typical drinking water for large parts of the peten jungle