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How Moringa is changing lives

Dear Leaves for Life Guatemala

Hi my name is
Catalino Lopez Escobar 
I live in a small village called zocotzal in Guatemala Peten. I work all day in the sun planting corn and small vegetables I have had headaches as long as I can remember. One day some people from the city stopped and started planting trees in our village and then gave me some tree to plant. Since the tree grow very fast I am now eating the leaves from the trees and I noticed I have no more headaches and I have more energy for my work. Because when your 71 years old like me you need all the energy you can get and no more headaches just makes it that much better. 


 Catalino Lopez

Zocotzal Peten Guatemala

Dear Leaves for Life Guatemala

Hi my name is Oscar Lopez

 I live in the Peten in a place where we do not have fresh drinking water which can lead to many health problems. A couple of months ago I started to have great pain in my kidneys. When I was talking to my daughter about she told my I needed to try a powder made from Moringa leaves! She said it was all natural so I decided it couldn't hurt and did so. In a matter of days I felt great and haven't stopped eating it since, and I now have my own Moringa trees so I can eat fresh leaves daily. Thank to Leaves for life Guatemala.

      Oscar Lopez

Zocotzal Peten Guatemala

Dear Leaves for Life Guatemala

                                                                                       Nov. 20, 2012

      I am sitting here trying to find the words to let you know how grateful I am that you came into our lives.

      I was so afraid of my cancer and the treatment they wanted me to take my radiation. 

      They told me the pills they wanted me to take would help to prevent breast cancer, but it could cause other cancers.

       Now that really scared me half to death. You see my mother and aunt died of other cancers.

       My nightmare had started on Oct of 2011. My breast cancer surgery didn't happened until Dec 2011 after that my radiation treatment started in Fed 2012 and didn't end until April 2012.

       Then it was like my prayers were answered.

        My friend went to a little restaurant and talked to the owner and she told her about you.

        It was a miracle a miracle for me.

        I started taken my Annona Muricala Leaf powder 2 to 3 times a day in May 2012.

        You would not believe how good I felt.

        I need a total knee replacement and I got my release from my cancer doctors. In Sept. 2012 I had my knee replaced.

        To my surprise and everyone I could get up and walk the same day. I had no drainage or bleeding after surgery. None at all since; it has been two months.

        My in house nurse and therapist could not believe how fast I'm healing and can move so good. Not a normal three months.

       So I'm doubly blessed. Thank you very much. You area God send.

                                                                                      Hope M Egleston
                                                                                Andover, Ohio

And the best part is everything checked
out normal for me. Cancer clear.
Thank you, Thank you.

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